Latest Products Latest Products Thu, 06 Oct 2022 03:17:58 +0530 en-us Glossy Digital Ceramic Wall Tiles Tue, 22 Mar 2022 00:00:00 +0530 The glossy digital ceramic wall tiles have created a niche for themselves in the world of tiles. At Sanvis Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. we are a Morbi-based glossy digital ceramic wall tiles manufacturer and exporter that are experts in making glossy wall tiles of digital ceramic using premium digital printing. Our range of digitally-printed ceramic wall tiles flaunt sharp finishes. The advanced and modern digital printing techniques that we trust make it possible and convenient for us to add designs and patterns of our choice to the wall tiles. The appealing and trending series of wall tiles with striking digital prints can transform the looks of your wall. You can use our range of glossy wall tiles in bathrooms, the kitchen, or any other place that needs tiles on the walls. Stylish Series of Glossy Digital Ceramic Wall Tiles For those who wish to elevate the look of your space, you can always buy our range of glossy wall tiles having a contemporary aesthetic feeling. The wall tiles offered by us look sophistically gorgeous because of their glossy finish and durability. You can explore our impressive options of finishes, patterns, and designs before shortlisting one of them. There isn’t a limitation on how to use our range of wall tiles, as you can use them in a given space of your choice. Being pocket-friendly, they are suitable for all types of purses. The rectangle glossy digital ceramic wall tiles offered by us aren’t only long-lasting but also economical and available in 12x24 inches. Stain-Proof Glossy Ceramic Wall Tiles Exporter in Pune Since we are the primary glossy ceramic wall tiles manufacturer, we love delivering wall tiles to add aesthetic appeal to your walls. The wall tiles we make and export are an extraordinary way of reflecting your personality. The digital wall tiles that we sell are exclusively functional and are both scratch and stain-proof. They are associated with beauty and are manufactured with sheer excellence. The digital wall tiles feature exemplary appeal and premier quality. Additionally, the unique glossy finish ensures a special glaze and makes sure they are abrasion-resistant. To browse through the exotic finish tiles, call us now. Matt Digital Ceramic Wall Tiles Tue, 22 Mar 2022 00:00:00 +0530 Incorporate international style to your bathroom and kitchen walls through our exquisite range of matt digital ceramic wall tiles. At Sanvis Ceramic Pvt. Ltd. we take pride in being the leading matt digital ceramic wall tiles manufacturer and exporter based in Morbi. Our range of matt finish wall tiles in attractive digital prints can add a pinch of charm to your home during remodelling. The range of wall tiles in matt finish is available in a beautiful variety of prints and colours which you can choose from.   Available in 12x24 inch dimensions, our series of matt wall tiles are also popular because of their affordability and durability. Apart from this, the tiles are resistant to dampness as well. Another feature that makes our matt digital ceramic wall tiles client’s preferable choice is their capacity of low water absorption. This feature helps the tile remain inaccurate rectangle shape for a long time, despite heavy wear and tear.   Modernize Your Walls with Matt Digital Ceramic Wall Tiles   It is because of the rectangle shape and the accurate sizing of our tiles that we offer as a top matt digital ceramic wall tiles exporter, that adds extra depth and character to it. The tiles are known to create an illusion of spaciousness to your house and are therefore quite renowned in the market. Unlike glossy tiles, the matt wall tiles have a matt finish. Besides, they're increasingly becoming popular because of their easy-on-the-eyes look.   Cost-Effective Matt Ceramic Wall Tiles Exporter   One of the biggest perks of buying our range of matt digital wall tiles in the ceramic range is they are very easy to maintain. Each of the matt digital tiles we offer as matt ceramic wall tiles manufacturer boast exclusive textures and look highly fashionable. Just by moving your hands across the wall tiles, you can feel its beautiful texture. All you have to do to keep them clean for a long is use a damp cloth to wipe the dust and grime.   Apart from this, our range of matt tiles can also withstand fire, fade, and are cost-effective. Just call us to buy our matt finish ceramic wall tiles and beautify your space with them. You can also check out our vast range of collections anytime. Satin Matt Digital Wall Tiles Tue, 22 Mar 2022 00:00:00 +0530 The satin matt digital wall tiles are getting popular with each passing day owing to stylish and contemporary looks and feel. At Sanvis Ceramic Pvt. Ltd, we are a specialized satin matt digital wall tiles manufacturer based in Morbi and we offer easy-to-clean digital wall tiles of various designs at affordable rates. It is because of the silk-like finish that makes them easy to maintain. They bring about a different charm to your walls and look as good as it sounds. You can make any given space of your house beautiful and charming with our range of satin-matte digital wall tiles in striking digital prints. Morbi’s Top Satin Matt Digital Wall Tiles Exporter Each of our rectangle digital wall tiles in satin-matt finish measures 12x24 inch and are available in a large plethora of colours. Before choosing one for your bathroom or kitchen, you can browse through our impressive range of wall tiles in myriad sizes, shapes, and patterns all of which contribute towards adding class and elegance to your walls. Apart from being exceptionally good-looking, our range of wall tiles is also durable and have looks replicating that of natural stones. The satin-matt finish brings to you a combination of semi-matt and semi-satin on the tiles. Transform Your Space with Satin Matt Wall Tiles Manufacturer The satin-matt finish wall tiles are just what you need to add to your walls and achieve some unique looks. The wall tiles made in a satin-matt finish offer a subtly reserved and sophisticated finish to your walls and allows the attention of the room to stay on other objects and finish. Your search for the best range of satin-matt wall tiles manufacturers ends here. We can be trusted and relied on all types of wall tiles in the satin-matt finish. Since our range of satin-matt boasts better grip, they are best suited for wet walls like in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Talk to our experts to take a short tour through our range of satin-matt wall tiles. Ceramic Wall Tiles Tue, 22 Mar 2022 00:00:00 +0530 At Sanvis Ceramic Pvt. Ltd, we are a Morbi-based ceramic wall tiles manufacturer in India and exporter which offers a vast spectrum of ceramic wall tiles in different colours, patterns, and designs. Our comprehensive range of ceramic tiles can be added either to your bathroom or in your kitchen to uplift the entire look.The quality-certified range of ceramic wall tiles is made using innovative technologies. Our collection of ceramic wall tiles flaunts various outstanding designs, textures, and finishes. Our ceramic wall tiles are available in matt, glossy and satin matt finishes all of which are available in different colours and patterns.Ceramic Wall Tiles Exporter in India Guaranteeing Enriching DesignsEach of our ceramic wall tiles is made with extra focus and attention to its details. world-class technology is used for the making of the tiles to make them accurate and perfect. The ceramic wall tiles are available for bulk ordering.The unique rectangle shape of the ceramic tiles and their exemplary finishes can help make your wall stand out. These walls are also an amazing way to modernize your space, showcase your style statement. Hence, we always aim for creating wall tiles that can cater to your style.Switch to Extraordinarily Striking Ceramic TilesEach of our wall tiles is designed to turn your space mesmerizing besides leaving everyone awestruck. What more? You can buy from our huge assortment of ceramic wall tiles; from subtle to statement wall tiles, we have you all covered.The ceramic wall tiles we offer are a masterpiece of their own their designs are either inspired by nature, popular abstract designs from around the world, valuable stones, etc. The luxurious range of ceramic wall tiles offered by us adds a different level of dimension to the walls. Bid adieu to bore wall and welcome our range of exquisite ceramic wall tiles. Porcelain Tiles Sat, 26 Mar 2022 00:00:00 +0530